Testimonials from Previous Home Birth Clients

With Alyssa as my midwife, the vulnerable time of pregnancy and childbirth, transformed into a time of joy.  She took time to answer all my questions with honesty, empowering me to make informed decisions about my prenatal care and childbirth.  Her friendship, respect and humor healed trauma from my past and gave me confidence.  Alyssa truly loves being a midwife and is generous with her time and knowledge.~Rachel

From the moment I first heard my son’s heartbeat, to the first days after he was born- Alyssa was by my side with a loving heart and peaceful guidance. She spent countless hours by my bedside after my traumatic birth experience, and constantly reassured me that my strength would carry me through. Her wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth were so helpful through the process, and her calming nature always kept me feeling safe and very well taken care of. My son is now almost 2 years old, but I can still remember every phone call and conversation I had with Alyssa regarding his birth and the days following, because they were all so powerful. I feel so grateful that I had Alyssa by my side, and I truly feel that I couldn’t have done it without her. ~Rosemary

Being pregnant for the first time is exciting but also carries many “unknowns” & “what-ifs”.  Alyssa was the first midwife my husband & I met with when we decided to have a home birth; we quickly knew that it was the route we would like to take, due to Alyssa’s demeanor, experience, knowledge, and all-around willingness to answer our many questions, with endless patience and kindness.  During our care, there were some “unknowns” and “what-ifs” that did arise. Through every step of the way, Alyssa gave us the confidence and reassurance (not only with the physical aspects of pregnancy, but the emotional & mental ones as well), that we needed during such a huge life-change of becoming parents. Thank you for being such a positive & loving part of our journey! ~ Diane