Alyssa Maynard – Homebirth & Pregnancy Care

Alyssa Maynard is a midwife specializing in homebirth services and lactation consulting. She has a passion for providing families with care that meets their individual needs and is constantly humbled by the human body’s ability to create and nourish life.

Originally from New England, Alyssa completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Vermont, studying sociology and psychology while assisting in research on the effect of childhood trauma and decision making in adulthood.

A chance encounter with a senior seminar focusing on the sociology of birth inspired her to learn more about the complex state of maternity care in the United States and the options that families have the ability to pursue with regards to their birth choices.

After completing her undergraduate degree Alyssa worked as a counselor for pregnant and parenting women in a unique residential facility where families could remain together while mothers received treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Wanting to apply the knowledge from her studies to real-life situations, she served her clients as a doula and childbirth educator in addition to her counseling role.

Certified Professional Midwife Trained in Home Birth

After witnessing a variety of births with different providers, Alyssa was curious to see a different side of birth and was able to find a local homebirth midwife who allowed her to observe out-of-hospital midwifery care. Alyssa spent 2 years in Northern Vermont helping families welcome their children at home. During this time, she realized the importance of, and fell in love with, the level of care that is provided in homebirth settings.

Understanding that not all women have access to choices for a safe homebirth, she felt compelled to ensure that this option remains available. After thoroughly researching the varying choices for midwifery education, Alyssa found her way to Bastyr University, pursuing a Masters of Science in Midwifery at the only regionally accredited master’s program for direct entry midwifery in the country.

While at Bastyr University, Alyssa had the unique experience of training in high volume birth centers accruing over 1500 clinical hours and attending over 100 families in labor. Inspired by her work as a counselor and a desire to increase her own knowledge of trauma-informed care, she completed a masters thesis on the role that childhood trauma can have on the early postpartum period and how healthcare providers can help navigate these challenges.

Alyssa commits a large part of her practice to providing trauma-informed care; respecting that a history of trauma can deeply affect a woman’s pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

Her studies at Bastyr included extensive work in cultural competency, research methods, and evidence-based practice creating a multifaceted foundation for providing well-rounded care. In addition to the rigorous coursework at Bastyr, the program instilled a responsibility for protecting and advancing the profession of midwifery with additional coursework in medical ethics, health policy, and political activism.

While inspired by the thriving midwifery climate of Washington, Alyssa found herself longing to return to a more rural setting to practice homebirth. Despite the tragic lack of real maple syrup, she has fallen in love with southwestern Colorado and is thrilled to call it home. In addition to her work as a midwife, she works in public health, servicing a different area of her community: collaborating services for at-risk youth and providing outreach services for WIC.

When Alyssa is not in the clinic, you can find her hiking with her running with her dog, practicing yoga, or curled up under a tree with a good book.