Colorado Homebirth & Pregnancy Care Services

As a homebirth midwife, I am committed to providing compassionate care that fits the unique needs of each individual family.

My goal as a midwife is to provide an empowering experience that leaves each family confident that they had all the necessary information they needed to make the choices that were best for them. I use an evidence-based approach to provide care for low-risk healthy pregnancies, offering all available screenings, tests, and resources.

Prenatal Care

Care for your pregnancy includes regular visits with your midwife including a home visit around your 36th week of pregnancy.

Visits range anywhere from 45-60 minutes leaving ample time to discuss any questions you have involving your care.

These visits provide a space to monitor the well-being of you and your baby, discuss available testing, and provide a setting for us to become familiar with each other and build a relationship.

If any factor of your pregnancy strays from normal, I do not hesitate to consult with the appropriate care provider and work with you to build a plan.

Birth Services

As your midwife, I am on-call for your birth from 37-42weeks of pregnancy.

I bring all the necessary equipment to your home to facilitate a healthy birth and prepare a transport plan in case a change in birth setting becomes necessary.

A trained midwife assistant accompanies me to each birth and I make all efforts to allow you to meet the assistant before your birth.

After the birth, we typically stay for the first 4 hours postpartum to monitor both mother and baby’s transition, perform a newborn exam, and perform any immediately needed follow up care.

Postpartum Care

After the birth, I return to your home the first day after your birth and 3-4 days postpartum.

Office visits are scheduled for 2 weeks and 6-8weeks after birth, with additional visits available as needed.

I provide both postpartum and newborn care while referring to other care providers as necessary. Breastfeeding support is provided both at the birth and throughout the postpartum and all recommended well-woman tests are offered at the competition of care.

These series of visits allow me to support you and your family during the postpartum period and provide in-depth care to the whole family.